Just noticed the comparison between 'family owned' (I.e. father to son) businesses and hereditary monarchies, and between 'stakeholder electing CEO' companies and elective monarchies 🤔

I remember reading recently that hereditary monarchies generally lasted longer than elective. No idea which was better for the peasants 👨‍🌾

The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth had an elective monarchy for it's entire, rocky, Liberum Veto era.

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@douginamug Somehow related, this video explains how the Great Council of Venice elected the Doge: the head of city-state who was considered "the monarch of the Republic" for centuries.

@jums nice vid! I really liked the Kleroterion mention at the end, saw it when I was in Athens.

History of political procedures! Yes, a favorite of mine :)

I read this paper about Liberum Veto last week fascinating

In both Liberum Veto, and Lottery Doge, I find it quite interesting to understand the values people attach to procedures. In both cases I just mentioned, the resistance/minimization of tyrrany seems to be the fundamental desire.

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