There is a game theory scenario I keep coming back to, because I feel it is so often experienced when nice people are trying to coordinate around slight preferences.

Unfortunately, it was initially coined as 'Battle of the Sexes', imagining a hetero couple where the guy wants to watch boxing and the girl ballet 😴

Since the early 90's, people have instead been calling it 'Bach or Stravinsky'.

Should I move the wikipedia page? Anyone got advice on doing that?

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@douginamug @pintoch @jums the topic seems to have been at least partly discussed already and no resistance was expressed then, on the contrary; so I guess that could be a simple move request(?)

@maxlath alright, on my list after publishing that page 😅

@douginamug The question is, what is it most popularly known as? In the absence of some evidence that the game would be more clearly identifiable as "Bach or Stravinsky", I would leave it as is.

FWIW, the original title is stereotypical, yes, but it's not a negative stereotype (nothing wrong with ballet or boxing!) and like many stereotypes it contains a certain amount of truth.

@mpjgregoire yeah, that's hard to tell! I turn to ngrams... 'battle of the sexes' used much outside of game theory, swamps signal.

'bach or stravinsky' vs 'prisonner's dilemma' more interesting

Sure, it might have some truth... but now we're having a discussion about gender stereotypes instead of game theory 🤷 I estimate the name will change, unless game theory loses all relevance (which I hope it doesn't)

@douginamug I don't think I've ever read the term "Bach or Stravinsky" until your post, but I doubt that proves anything. If indeed the name will change, then wait a decade and perhaps by then it will be obvious that the WP article ought to be renamed.

@douginamug not that it has much more info, but the governing Wikipedia policy on this is I'd recommend starting a discussion about it (if you think anyone might not fully support the move); instructions for that are at (the main page for the process is feel free to ask if you have any questions

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