I listened to a podcast on the whole thing by @theblockchainsocialist last night, and it was nuts 🤯


I learned a whole lot about what they are technologically and how we should consider them politically 🤖 🌹

Damn, this stuff is tricky/nuanced, but I really appreciate the underlying theme of the podcasts that this whole cryptosphere isn't going away, and the sooner diverse/'good' people get involved, the better 👍


@theblockchainsocialist great explanation of 'non-fungibility', I paraphrase:

You can exchange five 1€ coins for one 5€ note, and there's no difference.

When you go to pick up your child from day-care, there is one specific child, you can't exchange.

You could roughly translate non-fungibility to mean 'significant uniqueness'


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