I used to laugh when I would open any given business textbook and inevitably see the faux-chart promising growth, as pictured here.

But now I find the image depressing because it is the fundamental hallucination of a species that is destroying itself.

@robertwgehl The visual iconography of a mass cult of linear thinking that believes systems interdependence isn’t real and the only salient model of the world is “number go up.”

@robertwgehl See also the obsession with things going to the moon, whether that be stocks numbers and cryptocurrency valuations, or billionaires running literal private space companies trying to flee the ruined planet.


@robertwgehl @vortex_egg I think 'to the moon' and 'stonks' are also in the nihilistic irony direction

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@douginamug @robertwgehl I feel like it is on brand for the cult icons of linear thinking to be presented in a post-ironic and facetious manner.

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