"To date all aviation fuel used in Europe has been tax exempt..." Feb 2019

Contrast this with car fuel cost being ~⅓ tax

This is ecologically irrational and socially unjust.

Anyone interested in decentralized action on this? I'm getting some ideas...

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I think fuel is somewhere around 30% of the cost of a flight, enough that taxing it will have weird side-effects. Stuff like "biggest European air traffic hub is now Belarus" .

IMO much better to focus on renewables & hyperloop.

@cjd @douginamug hyperloop is just elon musk's fever dream, I'd say it's much more useful to build proper high speed railways

@cjd it will have side effects, some of them will be weird. However the status quo is really weird! It's all weird vs weird IMO, my agenda is suffering reuction and simplification.

Redirection to Belarus could be the opportunity required to get the talk on tariffs going?

@douginamug hard to believe but the natural state of things is to be "tax exempt"

@lain I knowwww.... To be clear, I'm only arguing for taxing carbon equally: if we're gonna tax it at all, we shouldn't favor some users arbitrarily.

@douginamug Yeah, that reminds me of some griping I read last week about green-power startups that "couldn't stay profitable if it weren't for huge government subsidies".

Made me wonder if they realized just how much coal/gas/nuclear industries have always gotten in subsidies to get where they are today...

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