If you're ever looking at free-marketists, and you're like "wtf, how could you possibly ever reach that conclusion?!" the 2-min summary version of 'Free to Choose' may help you.

Milton Friedmann made a 10-part series in 1980 tells the fairytale where all problems are caused by government, and all solutions come from the free-market. It's quite repetitive: the summaries get the point in 1/20 the time.

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@douginamug the naivety displayed by those videos is chocking, if not criminal: to raise just a few issues in Friedman views of the world, he largely overlooks
- negative externalities
- the asymmetries of power and information building up between big corporations and the rest of society: see what I wrote (now 10 years ago ^^') on "Friedman's blindness regarding the social impact of the economic activity"

@maxlath totally! But that is why I find them so fascinating: the narrative falls apart in so many ways, especially with our perspectives now in 2020's. Yet he manages to weave a fairytale, which is sufficiently internally coherent, that one can follow it.

Could we produce a convincing narrative of our 'better-world' in 10 * 2min videos?

@douginamug @maxlath isn't milton a bit old-fashed now ? It looks to me that behavioral economics has taken over.

@jums @maxlath right, but I still think we're living with that legacy.

Also, academically, I've heard that behavioral is still fringe...

@douginamug @maxlath right, "take over" is an overstatement. But I also heard that academically friedman influence has started decreasing after 2008, and the pandemy is not gonna reverse this process.

@douginamug @jums I don't know for academics, but in politics, the influence of the Chicago School is still alive: beyond our wannabe-Thatcher president, Latin America's right still holds the Chicago School in its heart (with the sun getting strong, I'm finally catching up with my reading of le diplo ^^)

@douginamug @jums another intersting bit in that article: "on the market, ideology is less important than return on investment"

@maxlath @douginamug When you listen to this lecture :
you find out that the all 20yo theory of this guy is falling apart. This is because "there is innovation, but there is no growth" so the promess is broken. The myth of neoliberalism is collapsing on itself.

@douginamug Maybe *Free to Choose* the book would have more value for you than the miniseries.

@mpjgregoire meh, I think I see the logic in the miniseries. I'm loath to read a whole book by the man.

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