First test run in the press went pretty well. I feel I have a technique down now.

For this batch I used just the fruit from one branch of the apple tree that collapsed under the weight of the fruit a while back, but was just hanging on by enough that the fruit was still growing. I can cut it all back now without wasting anything.

We're a few weeks away from the ideal harvesting time I think, but I got a bit over 2 litres of fresh juice from my efforts!



@mike You press them just like that, cut into chunks? Without scratting/grating? I remember not getting out much juice without doing so...

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@douginamug heh I could write a huge amount of words on the many different methods I was trying out and comparing they day. That shot was kinda posed for a photo too. I don't have a dedicated grinder but I'm mainly crushing them up with a giant lump of timber after cutting which works ok, it seems.

Also these ones weren't totally ripe (branch broke) so it was a bit of a use-it-or-lose-it situation and I wasn't going to get a huge amount of juice anyway.

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