PSA for bespectacled individuals πŸ‘“

Lenses made or coated with plastic (probably most by now) can 'craze' at high temperatures. That means lots of microfractures which make your glasses seem 'smudged' however much you clean them 😱

Found this out after going to a sauna with them on πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Will get the frames 'reglazed' soon: getting new lenses in old frames is way cheaper than whole new specs πŸ‘

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@nicolai Interesting! Thanks... I think we only got up to about 80C anyway lol.

I think the lenses might actually be glass, and the crazing limited to... a UV protection layer? Any idea how to get it off?

@douginamug in not an optician but I had the same issue. Might also have been 60 or 65Β°C, not sure. The layer is the anti-reflective and antiscratch coating as far as I remember. My optician explained it to me, but I forgot it.

@douginamug maybe take the opportunity to get new frames of you are in for a new look?

@nicolai had a another set of frames, they are away to get reglazed now!

The crazing is not too bad, I'll keep these ones as my backup :)

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