Isn't it cool, that if there will be a successful crypto project that is socially and environmentally sustainable, you don't need to worry about being an early adopter? Speculation isn't sustainable.

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@douginamug oh I missed the "If" 😔
I thought you were saying it was here already. I like the tech and the idea of crypto, but none of the major current implementations interest me for all the reasons you listed, so I got excited for a minute there

@datatitian ah, sorry to get the hopes up :( but for what it's worth, comes by far the closest. Indeed the only thing it really seems to be missing is the 'successful' (as in popular) aspect: I would say it is fundamentally social and environmental

I wish more people would treat crypto projects just like any other project.
Ignore the speculators and hype and just get involved in projects which have a meaningful chance to make positive impact.

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