- good: eveyone can move to an instance that suits them
- bad: acceleration of echo-chambering/political polarization (?)

@douginamug agree, though the more problematic aspect of echo chamber for me on the centralized services was algorithmic streams motivated by eyeballs emphasizing things I liked and things I'd be outraged over. But nothing about fedi increases my chances of following outside my bubble, for sure.

But on fediverse you only need to follow a few people that post things you're interested in but have a slightly different worldview and you're likely to encounter viewpoints that come from outside your bubble.
The way I see it, getting trapped on a bubble on fediverse would at least mean a rather larger bubble than on centralized platforms (unless you're purposefully making it as small as possible)

@tfardet @loppear fair point, but I do wonder if that's enough...

A while ago I posted a poll asking people whether they intentionally follow people outside their persuasion, majority answered no. However, I guess this is 'anti-bubble' behavior, as opposed to just 'passive bubble' - and indeed 'passive bubble' might be sufficiently pluralistic on fedi.

@douginamug debatable I think. People who are strictly in the duality and see one view will most likely stay at an instance they feel comfortable in, yet I find the federation principal a good opportunity for new gateways and in-between instances which could encourage new thoughts. In the centralized, neural network approach facebook etc are taking of making you only see what you like you are more likely to stay in your bubble I think then being in an instance confirming to ones current believes and then still getting toots from instances which are in a more neutral state which could become the opening gate to even more instances which might seem cut off from the fediverse right now. So thought, will over time each gap be filled by another instance like a bridge between worlds 🤔

@wolfi huh, fair enough.

Perhaps we need to Science this debate 😆 there was that nice map of instances and federation between them, I forget what it's called. Watching that over time might be interesting...

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