I've heard of Participatory Democracy a bunch of times, but I only recently came across Prefigurative Politics en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prefigur

This is where (activist) groups/orgs attempt to mirror their aims in their practices, i.e. groups that ultimately want non-authoritarian society do so in a non-authoritarian way (contrast to 'vanguardism')

"This is what democracy looks like", "Can't destroy the master's house with the master's tools", etc.

We at Mutual Interest do this. We believe anti-capitalist medias should be organised as coops. We are owned by readers & writers and funds are distributed using participatory budgeting where members vote for their favourite articles.

The capitalist corporate structure pushes lot of the left media to produce clickbait that damages the left. Many publish outrageous and obnoxious articles to get people to "hate" share and click them.



@LeoSammallahti Cool, I need to read into that a bit!

I think the 'prefigurative politics' sadly descends into perfectionism a lot of the time, and tends towards ethical (individual) consumerism, because collectives need compromise.

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