There's a guy called Karl Bushby who started walking from the southernmost point of Chile towards Hull, England in 1998. He's still going! And should finish next year 👣

He crossed from North America to Russia over the Bering Strait when it was frozen in winter—after being sent back by the Russian authorities multiple times. The only part he'll have to swim is across the English Channel 🏊

@becky OK that's fantastic, sounds completely nuts but also really amazing. One question though — is he making an all-important GPS trace? Cause that would be one heck of an upload lmao

@pfx oh shit. I’ll text him, get him to start again

@becky imagine turning back now :hhHHHAAAH: I'd just give up

@pfx speaking of mapping things, is there a feature in open street maps to describe terrain/paths? Eg ‘footpath suitable for biking’ ‘v little traffic despite being a b road’ ‘you will absolutely die if you bike down here even though it’s a cycle route’

@becky mate are you asking how pedantic the osm community is

@pfx is that a yes? Cos I have some bones to pick and I would like to display them publicly online

@becky there's a surface=* tag where * is anything from asphalt to gravel to ground to sand; there's also a smoothness=* tag or something like, does what it says on the tin really, there's a max_width=* tag with a measurement in metres, there's even disused / abandoned labelling for various states of repair and traffic frequency. Tagging is not an issue, there is a tag to define pretty much everything.

@becky the issue comes in interpreting the tags. Most map rendering is pretty good, but in osmand or on the openstreetmap site, you can't easily go "only route through bike-navigable paths" or "never pick paths less than x width, or y surface condition" meaning you leave the routing engine to make these assumptions based on the tags and the mode of transport selected. It is also, admittedly dependent on tag accuracy and completion- to add a path is just highway=path on a line,

@becky but to add enough details for this to be any real use you need a handful more and not everyone bothers with that.

@pfx thanks puff! I’m in the woods atm but I’ll make some notes and have a good look into it later

@becky @pfx feel free to use my thread as a platform! But yeah, this dude eh.

@becky generally speaking, tags are under-utilised im rural areas. I imagine you're coming across that if you have issues, particularly with cycling.

@pfx I’m using os maps while I’m out which I find map pretty much exactly onto open street, but if I can add some tags for future reference and find a decent app I would probably use open street maps in the future

@becky streetcomplete allows you to do some of these tags very easily, idk of it works on iPhone though

@douginamug I live in Hull. I’ll keep an eye out for him.
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