Repaired headphone jack: cast into a piece of PVC pipe with some epoxy. Not very green, but better than getting a new set!

It looks pretty cool, too, the transparency and the twisted wires.

@douginamug It probably has superior pull resistance. Looks very nice. How "ungreen" is that stuff? Wikipedia makes no mention of ecological harm, only health.

@mplammers well, plasticized PVC eventually becomes brittle as plasticizers leach out. The plasticizers aren't great, but should degrade in human time spans. PVC doesn't have great recyclability and can't be incinerated simply.

Epoxy, especially hobby castings, can have unreacted monomers leach out, also poorly recyclabile.

And both are fossil based plastics right now.

@douginamug wow, fine work 👍But the most complicated is imho the removal of isolation of the tinsel wire and the sub-millimetre soldering

@alm10965 Ah! Luckily didn't have that: had bundles of very fine wiring. Yes, that was the second hardest soldering job I've done so far. Worst was soldering a new power button onto a nexus 5.

@douginamug I'm using a Sony headset with 3,5 mm Jack and the plug is not so weak, but the junction piece with 3 buttons (vol up & down & action button.
The 1st headset has been broken in branch from main wire and left and right earpiece.
It seems fixed by preventive taping.
With Gaffa™ - like tape, I'm using a tape from Tesa™ company.

@alm10965 Ah yes, Tesa is the brand in DE! Durability of headphones is generally not very inspiring. I really like doing ostentatious fixes though.

@vidak @mike well... It was more like a couple hours of hacking 😆 but I'd be much faster if I did it again (obvs). I think I went into some detail in one of the replies as to how I did it in detail.

@douginamug also has the added bonus of looking cool as fuck too

@internetwolf aw fanks :) and its still working solid since I posted!

@douginamug That looks so cool! I just fixed one the boring way by soldering on a new jack, but I have to redo it after guessing wrong on the wires. So true that you can’t trust the colors!

@drewzero1 well, I was about to just buy a new jack, because we only had 3 pin ones, and the headphones had a mic. I couldn't be bothered waiting for a new one, and a housemate bought a couple liters of 2k epoxy... Casting it was a bit tricky, but worked out in the end.

Really shitty about cable colours not being predictable, but once you know, you know (you know?) 😆

@LukeAlmighty well, if your jack comes apart sometime you could send it to me! 😆

Hm... Mailing to germany, doxing myself and a few weeks of waiting?????

worth it.

@LukeAlmighty auto-doxxing is fun! everyone's doing it now ;p

In any case, only takes a couple days, and unless you've moved from where I think you're from, postage is fast too.

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