just published an article [DE] about , the project house I helped set up and live at.

Title reads "Diese WG teilt sich alles – von den Betten bis zur Unterwäsche" (This shared flat shares everything — from bedsheets to underwear) Which isn't untrue 😆

They write: „Das Wohnprojekt erinnert auf den ersten Blick an eine Hippiekommune, agiert aber fast wie ein Start-up“ 😹 (Seems like a hippie commune, acts like a start up)

@douginamug Just holding the print version in my hands. (# 74, page 34) Interesting. You used past tense, I'm curious what made you leave, but don't dare to ask as it's none of my business at all.

@guido we still didn't get a physical one... I didn't write it! Still happily there :p

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