Next UK general election is on ❄️ Dec 12 ❄️

You need to be registered to vote by Nov 26 — that's 11days from now! 🚨

You can vote if over 18 and:
- you are a UK citizen (you don't need to be in the UK!)
- you are an EU citizen in the UK
- you are a 'qualifying Commonwealth citizen'

Eligibility details ➡️

Also, because the UK uses first-past-the-post voting (💩) you may want to look at what other people typically vote to not 'waste' yours:


(I know, I know, voting is the lamest for of political activism, but do it anyway! Doesn't take very long, can make a difference and it doesn't legitimize the corruption of the system. We need all the time and resources we can get to prepare for things to come.)

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