I'm very proud that we implemented democratic features directly into karrot.world/ - currently there is a network of trust to gain editing rights, and discussion then score voting for group removal.

I'm not aware of other bits of software that use democratic processes to actually perform actions within the software. I'm sure there must be some others though...

Standalone democratic process tools kind of miss the point for me. I want to see democracy deeply embedded into our tools.


@nicksellen Yes! Embedded democracy _please_.

@maxlath and @jums are at KH and we're working on Inventaire and opendata stuff.

We were talking briefly about embedded democracy. Is the karrot stuff at all transferrable? Could you point me to the relevant file?

@douginamug @maxlath @jums there are some user-level docs at community.foodsaving.world/t/i and community.foodsaving.world/t/i.

As for code, it's spread between frontend/backend, the score voting bit is part of an "issue" (e.g. github.com/yunity/karrot-backe) - Tilmann could tell you more, whichever room he is hiding in ;)

It took a long time to get that far, we did a collaborative "storyboarding" session to think how the feature should work, well before any coding. Highly recommend doing those.

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