@wu_lee helllooooooo!

Nick informs me you're using metalsmith! So am I, I'm finding it a bit steep, but I like it.

Here's my testing branch

I'd be interested to see how you're using it.

Hello! Indeed I am. It mostly works... except where it doesn't. I like the simplicity of concept, but in places it doesn't quite seem to do what you expect. However, working around that seems to be fairly straightforward.

The experiment is here, it is meant to run on a webhook from a GitLab wiki:


@douginamug I have seen comments that Metalsmith is a "bad implementation" of Gulp, or words to those effect. However, my experience with Gulp wasn't fantastic, as it went south as soon as I tried to do anything nontrivial.

Oh yes. The prettier end, will go on somewhere soonish:


@wu_lee Cool! Really glad that you're all using it. The documentation is certainly a bit sketchy, but I find it very cool, like LaTeX for the web.

@douginamug do you know of any sources of themes which work with metalsmith? I'm looking for something to plagarise.

Ghost themes seem close-ish (if you use handlebars). They don't exist in the quantity wordpress themes do.

@wu_lee Short answer, no.

The only place I've found for getting relatively fast feedback is the Metalsmith Slack, end even that's not super quick.

I'm using nunjucks. I'm quite new to templating, so I thought I'd start at the deep end ;p

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