One of the core 'demands' of is to set up a . This is not a new concept: has been around since Athens.

I find a lot of people worried about trusting 'normal people' to make big decisions. I would love to have a CA as one of the major political bodies.


@douginamug I am all for the idea of more direct civic participation in society and the removal of an elite governing class. I can see why not having 'expert' knowledge would be a thorny issue tho. I wouldn't see it as not trusting normal people, just a recognition that a lot of issues require in-depth knowledge. I presently wouldn't trust myself to make a suitably informed decision on many complex issues outside my area of knowledge.

@douginamug That said, it works for juries, and if there was a strong civil service and adequate time for researching important decisions, I'm sure it could work.

I don't know much about the details of sortition - would love to hear more of your views.

@nicksellen @neil @douginamug the Irish assembly is a great example! In general, I think the assembly is a solid addition for the here and now. If you've got a powerful mass movement on the streets, the attending consultants are not on corporate payroll and the presented facts are peer reviewed (all happened in the Irish case) then you've got a fighting chance for good recommendations. Then you have to make those politically toxic to oppose ... no joke, this politics game 👍

in general I would say this:
I'd rather trust ordinary people then those specificly interested in protecting or increasing their authority.

But neither trust I ordinary people that became imune to knowledge or opinion of others that differ from theirs.

What I know is that also wih citizen assemblies, desicion will be biased through the way people are socialized.
A big different is that people have more power of how they and others are getting socialized.
Imagine we're opening up the possibilities for students all age to really take part in deciding what and how they want to learn. Thought that would change much on how they get socialized, also since they will learn very early to make weighted decisions and be responsible for it.

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