Micro-action my friend in Canada did. She would be happy if you copied it :)

Really glad so many people enjoy it! Do check out her other and works on her site :)

@douginamug I'm loving this, it's really inspirational. Any idea where in the UK she did this? It looks a lot like Edinburgh

@GreenandBlack You're right! I'm not sure precisely where, but somewhere in Edinburgh. That's where I met Iva :)

I'm guessing somewhere near the university judging by Arthur's Seat's reflection in the window


i'll see what i can do ...
thx for the inspiration!

@douginamug The residential and commercial sector together only account for 11% of CO2 emissions in the U.S. ( Probably comparable to other western countries.

This is individualist propaganda. "If every person would..." that still wouldn't be enough. There would need to be radical regulations put in place for capitalists.

@feli You're dead right! And there is a possibility with this that some people will interpret it to mean that they, personally, should altruistically bear the cost. I don't believe that approach alone can work.

I see this action as more of a conversational-frame-shifter, Overton window style

I hope that actions like this will make it increasingly politically suicidal to not be ecologically sustainable. Gotta try 🤷

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