Hello! Next week I will be talking in (and the week after in ) about post-consensus, cooperative decision-making πŸ˜€

I will explore why is a cooperative practice when can't be reached

Please come if you can or forward to anyone in central you think might be interested πŸ˜—

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@douginamug any chance you'll be near London doing the same any time? Sounds like something I'd like to hear about :)

@Floppy I could be... in fact, perhaps I should see if Newsepak House has a slot. Hmm. I'll post here again if I am, and I'll post the slides too :)

@douginamug That sounds cool! I'll be in town and do everything I can to come.

I just heard @douginamug talk on this topic upthread ^^ in #Edinburgh

I'm thinking #SocialCoop may benefit from thinking about our decision processes, we seem to have burnt ourselves out a bit on Loomio decisions. Some of Doug's points are relevant (like, size/cross-section of groups vs choice of process). Saying that, the voting scheme proposed isn't available in Loomio.

(Hopefully he'll post the slides)

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