@stavros I really hope you resolve your issue with that bank.

I remember seeing a tweet from somebody who when they found out about their "encouragement" for the developers to put in long hours, closed their account.

@dotemacs They finally refunded the purchase, luckily, but I had a very stressful few days.

"Encouraging" people to put in long hours is always a red flag for a company for me, it shows that they don't value their employees' long-term well-being and are more focused on dubious short-term productivity increases.


@stavros glad to hear it.

Why did they do it in the end, due to public shaming?

I had their app, but uninstalled it after reading your story!

@dotemacs I had filed a formal complaint before publishing the post and they replied to that, said they were sorry and refunded me. I'm not sure if the post played a part, but I guess it did.

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