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"...hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength." -- Uncle Iroh

Quote by John Green: “In some ways, pain is the opposite of language.”

"Their emotions were neglected in some way as helpless children, so avoidants have a deep core wound where they assume abandonment. They feel safer preparing for this ending because they know it will happen. And not allowing themselves to feel is in fact an unconscious form of self-abandonment."

Carl Sagan — 'we make our world significant by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers'

NasaSpaceFlight videos continue to be incredible. Feels like watching the future being built before my eyes. Particularly amazing is the scale of things being built, and at the same time, how ordinary the construction looks. Workers in harnesses, standard construction lifts and cranes do all the final assembly.

Bezos and New Sheppard fly tomorrow, on the anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. does an incredible job of reliving the entire Apollo 11 mission.

Its been great to spend the whole rainy Sunday with my ebook reader and a fun scifi novel.

The humans at the base of StarShip 15 give a sense of scale to this behemoth of a ship. And its not even stacked on the SuperHeavy launch vehicle yet.

Nothing makes me feel like maybe I'm dyslexic like trying to read sheet music. After 20 years of occasional trying, its still not any easier.

Its day 4 after getting the first shot of pfizer. I'm feeling a little run down but otherwise fine. Glad to be on the path to vaccination.

the NYTimes has done another amazing job of showing the web's potential with this covid data vis/article.

The rate of progress and the ambition of SpaceX has returned to breathtaking levels. The Starship test flights, the SuperHeavy Booster construction, the ground support structures, all outlined in the video below, feel like light speed compared to the days of the Space Shuttle. Thats not even including the plans for the floating Oil Derricks SpaceX has purchased.

I'm in a foreign country 🇲🇽 but I'm at starbucks in a shopping mall for the wifi and seating, and about to walk over to fast-chinese-food.

The Veloren 0.9 release party is happening now. Download the game at or watch the stream at or

Greetings from Mazatlán, Mexico. Its a HackerBeach of one.

Its been 3 weeks so far in Guadalajara. I learn a little more Spanish every day. I'm still avoiding coworking places due to covid, so its tough to meet people. On the plus side I'm getting project work done that's been ignored for years. Also I understand what good tortilltas and good tacos are now.

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