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new alpha release for zootdeck today. a column of toots has a new mode: pictures only.

ps. Mastodon's "Delete and Re-Draft" is the best.

Apple AirPods are a VR Headet for the ears.

A good night's sleep last night. The verical SP02 lines are taking the sensor on/off.

getting some amazing reults from icecondor location plus an irc bot query to openstreetmap data. shop=bicycle, amenity=bar, amentiy=bicycle_parking

Its nice to see another location based AR-ish game, even if it is from Niantic and plays like a slot machine. The dream of such games was described in 2010 as Shadow Cities and we're still waiting for it, imho.

Day 1 of the 3 day drift-phase to the moon, Apollo11 astronauts continualy use the "Space Sextant" to double-check the course correctness. A pre-defined set of reference stars were used.

A good animated mission overview of Apollo 11 in this video as the time-synched replay ( puts the CSM/LM at the start of its 3 day journey to the moon.

10 hours into the 9-day Apollo 11 Mission of July 16, 1969. Landing on the moon happened 102 hours into the mission.

looking forward to the mastodon 2.9 update for its two-column view.

Another alpha release for linux. oauth UI is better.

would love to know why gtk_widget_hide() then show() displays an empty window.

ConfFreaks publishing every talk from major conferences is a real treasure.

the motivation for was primarily how rigid the mastodon web interface is. its got the columns of tweettdeck with zero flexability. i cant add/remove/repurpose anything.

spent the morning working on mastodon auth flow, from client creation to authorization link to authorization code to token request and token storage.

adding some default style and realizing the possibilities of per-column style, per-hostname style, and per-tag style could be very interesting.

very basic oauth token support, a working refresh icon, toot count in the footer.

"If you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done." has been rolling around my brain lately.

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