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spent the morning working on mastodon auth flow, from client creation to authorization link to authorization code to token request and token storage.

adding some default style and realizing the possibilities of per-column style, per-hostname style, and per-tag style could be very interesting.

very basic oauth token support, a working refresh icon, toot count in the footer.

"If you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done." has been rolling around my brain lately.

If you know the mastodon user id, public timelines are in the same format as site-public timelines.

A reminder that activitypub/opensource Instagram exists and activitypub/opensource Youtube exists

Progress is being made on a gtk+ app to consume activitystream feeds. ux inspired by tweetdeck.

Each column will have a feed url and a simple filter language.

Morning: more work on the desktop activitypub app with zig and gtk.

three day machine learning conference in portland oregon mon-tue-wed livestream

thx @aaronpk

SuperTuxCart 1.0 is out! This game is a real achievement in open source development. Its got great visuals and great gameplay. Whats particuarly impressive is its based on a real physics engine.

One of the things you can 'shoot' from your cart is a bowling ball. In a simpler game, it would be a fixed animation and hitbox. In this game, the ball is a 'real' element with its own mass and speed. you can overtake it in your kart.

The VR app "BigScreen" is the least interesting and the most interesting. It doesnt even require a controller, its barely interactive. Its focus is your environment while watching 2D media. You can sit in front of a bigscreen at a theater, or an outdoor campground, etc. I love how the patch notes include things like "Added plants back into Lobby for mobile users." "Cinema carpet material fixed." Feels like the Truman Show.

I wish I could constrict a toot to a geofence or city.

Here's an opportunity for a space superfan that wants to give back: maintain a public google calendar or iCal link of all interesting upcoming launches. I just did 10 min of googling and previous efforts have all ended. This would be a useful service!

It takes practice and planning to engage in high-level lazyness. Going to the tropics is one of the best places to learn and practice this.

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