Modeling things for 3d prining feels like a new addition to 'every day skills'. A hundred years ago being able to change horse shoes might have been useful, today its being able to visualize a combination of additive/subtractive geometry to construct a particular result, then implement that with a software tool.

A unicode character that iterates out of order is the best representation of perl6 i can think of. The language meeting might have gone "Hey lets use an unpronouncable symbol to mean iteration! Yes! and have it work out of order!" (room erupts into evil laughter)

A nicely written page on how to iterate in perl6 is another angle on the perl6 is not part of regular reality.

for 1, 2, 3, 4 -> $i, $j { "$i, $j".say } (thats what id expect but wasnt seeing)

for @array { .say } (a default variable, nice and clean) *.say; (a default block, ultra minimalist, bordering on unreadable)

""Or a *hyperoperator*, if order and sequentiality isnt important"


I keep wanting to like perl6 but its syntax only makes sense if you're not part of regular reality. Just wasted an afternoon trying to merge some csv data with a value from the web. Got over so many hurdles and a what-the-F with iteration was the final straw.

looking for a bit of help on the perl6 page on iterators never actually iterates in any of the examples. it mentions using 'for' with an iterable object, but stays in meta philosophy land for the whole page.

unix hackers will get a kick out of this video of two teletype machines from the 1930s. a) /dev/tty means teletype b) control-G is BEL (rings Bell) c) CR and LF are mechanical commands that still exist in DOS. d) blue thyratron tube glow

@raucao it was an effort to land in the place im at Portland so I figured I should hold on to it for a while. Winter 2019-2020 in Thailand for sure.

@raucao ive looked at lightening network on its own and a remember thinking the inner workings had surprising similarities to atomic swap.

my twitter stream is/was very local to my city. i dont know how to replicate that with toots. I want to send a message only to those people who live in my city. If I could group followers inside mastodon, that'd be helpful. Or if my followers list itself were a seperate service that I could manage and group and they'd show up anywhere I wanted. Google Circles was ahead of its time and also shot itself in the foot with no API.

I've attempted to explain the details of cross-chain atomic swap in this blog post.

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What to expect at Hacker Beach:

* Hacking, not cracking
* FOSS creation and contribution galore (non-programmers explicitly welcome)
* Also get your day job done if you want/must
* Fantastic weather
* Outdoor activity options like e.g. hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba-diving, mountain-biking. (Lots of us learned diving during past editions.)
* Explore the wider region, esp. before/after your time at the official location
* Whatever you want to make it. Hacker Beach is just people.

I finished Shatner's latest autobiography (yes there is more than one but this is the first one I've read). In the book there is a quote from somewhere else that goes its easy to spend too much time trying to be happy instead of being happy. Its stuck with me so far this week.

"Everything that has a beginning, has an end." -- The Oracle, The Matrix.

@raucao "observatorio" only encourages people who think they can speak spanish by adding -io to nouns and verbs. :)

@frak that was intentional. i thought test-cases were already funny without anyone dying.

A QA engineer walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders 0 beers. Orders 99999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a ueicbksjdhd. (from twitter)

One upside of the Google Music interface being not very good for discovering music (and perhaps no platforms are), is that I have to come up with band names myself. I enjoy lots of music but never payed too much attention to having particular music available. For instance, techno podcasts were a big source of music for a while. Now I'm having fun thinking of a band name that is famous but I probably dont know at all and just listen to an album of theirs. Today includes The Ramones.

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