The VR app "BigScreen" is the least interesting and the most interesting. It doesnt even require a controller, its barely interactive. Its focus is your environment while watching 2D media. You can sit in front of a bigscreen at a theater, or an outdoor campground, etc. I love how the patch notes include things like "Added plants back into Lobby for mobile users." "Cinema carpet material fixed." Feels like the Truman Show.

@status thank you for continuing to host and keeping things up to date! 😍

I wish I could constrict a toot to a geofence or city.

Here's an opportunity for a space superfan that wants to give back: maintain a public google calendar or iCal link of all interesting upcoming launches. I just did 10 min of googling and previous efforts have all ended. This would be a useful service!

It takes practice and planning to engage in high-level lazyness. Going to the tropics is one of the best places to learn and practice this.

figuring out what space there is under a bike seat for a lipo+esp8266

Digital painting timelapse of web cartoon Pepper&Carrot. All open source tools. Video hosted on peertube.

The Curiosity Mars Rover entry sequence

and the Webb Telescope delivery and unpacking sequence

are dream-fuel for what we can achieve.

Pretty happy with this esp8266+neopixel board I call Marble 16.

@bkero the center part looks like its housing a desktop computer o^O

the only thing better than a classic michael jackson track is a slammin remix of a michael jackson track.

@status thanks for the news - is there any news on upgrading to 2.7? the release notes are interesting.

the OpenStreetMap project weekly update is a shining example of how to keep people informed.

@raucao that looks fantastic. portland is pretty cold this week.

Blender is using its peertube instance to publish how-to videos. You can follow this account from mastodon directly.

what can give people hope? a plan they can believe in. a meaningful goal with belivable steps.

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