figuring out what space there is under a bike seat for a lipo+esp8266

Pretty happy with this esp8266+neopixel board I call Marble 16.

7Eleven does their loyaty program pretty well. The new Reses Wheel game mechanism showed up today.

This infographic is a great list of angles to use when thinking about how people or ourselves see the world.

Thanks to activitypub and mastodon, I'm reading messages from personal blogs, peertube accounts, and more.

User interfaces peaked with Kings Quest II - a status bar, a GUI area, and a command line.

One of these photos is a screencap from FarCry. The other is a photograph from the island I'm at. Okay its easy to tell the difference but its also impressive how similar they are.

Here is a group of Portland municipal broadband volunteer advocates, including Personal Telco's Russell Senior, typing up messages to city hall to evaluate a citizen-owned residential data network.

The local video arcade (Ground Kontrol, Portland, Oregon, USA) just added a War Games themed room.


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