The humans at the base of StarShip 15 give a sense of scale to this behemoth of a ship. And its not even stacked on the SuperHeavy launch vehicle yet.

Greetings from Mazatlán, Mexico. Its a HackerBeach of one.

Its been 3 weeks so far in Guadalajara. I learn a little more Spanish every day. I'm still avoiding coworking places due to covid, so its tough to meet people. On the plus side I'm getting project work done that's been ignored for years. Also I understand what good tortilltas and good tacos are now.

Just look at this picture - the flag waving in the wind. A shining aluminum rocketship. The sparks from welding another panel. All against an autumn Florida sky. This is right out of Armageddon except its real. The Starship Orbiter has 3 Raptor engines and is a self-landing cargo and crew vehicle capable of orbiting and re-entry.

This USB-C to *cigarette lighter* cable is an amusing mix of old and new.

some ui tweaks. need more of a plan to make the next significant step in usability. things are stalled at the moment.

In 1969, Apollo 11 was 9 hours into its mission and about 6 hours into its 3 day drift through space to be caught by the moon's gravity at the end of the journey. The ship had a sextant on board with this chart of 30 pre-designated stars to use as a guidance check.

new alpha release for zootdeck today. a column of toots has a new mode: pictures only.

ps. Mastodon's "Delete and Re-Draft" is the best.

A good night's sleep last night. The verical SP02 lines are taking the sensor on/off.

spent the morning working on mastodon auth flow, from client creation to authorization link to authorization code to token request and token storage.

adding some default style and realizing the possibilities of per-column style, per-hostname style, and per-tag style could be very interesting.

very basic oauth token support, a working refresh icon, toot count in the footer.

If you know the mastodon user id, public timelines are in the same format as site-public timelines.

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