A reminder that activitypub/opensource Instagram exists and activitypub/opensource Youtube exists

@donpdonp don't think I've yet had success following a peertube account from a mastodon account. Is that supposed to be working?

@rburns yup, the last time I posted to peertube (a year ago) an entry showed up in my mastodon feed.

@donpdonp it appears the previous failure was on account of tusky. With the most recent update following looks to be successful

@rburns is tusky still the leading android app for mastodon?

@donpdonp I think it's the most user friendly mastodon app. fedilab has more features, and support for other platforms in the fediverse. but, didn't strike me as being very polished UI wise. The last time I had looked was some time ago. Things may have changed. the thing I miss most in tusky is timeline position being persisted between app restarts, and content updates.

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