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Midweek Patch Therapy again this evening, starting at 17:30 CET

Hope to see you there!

Also check this vvvv gamma advanced debugging tip from tebjan

Hope to see you at Midweek Patch Therapy this evening!
Starting at 17:30 CET.

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Are you a head feeling a tad bit alone during these times?

Are you an with too much time on their hands, wanting to move your project further?

Come join Midweek Patch Therapy

Patch help, consultation, discussion

Today at 17:30 CET

Are you a beginner struggling to wrap their heads around the concepts?

Are you an artist and unsure how to turn your ideas into reality?

Are you in the middle of something looking for directions?

Are you a pro looking to share your knowledge?

Come and join Midweek Patch Therapy.

Hosted by me and you.

Starting Wednesday 8:30 PM Central European Time

Yesterday I joined the lovely people at a meetup in Berlin and got to present Schéma.

Here's the recording, enjoy:

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