The 13th Doctor has been revealed yesterday. She will be played by Jodie Whittaker of Broadchurch fame (another Chibnall show, obviously they work well together, and she already proved what a terrific actress she is).

New lost story from Big Finish featuring Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor began tonight on BBC Radio 4 Xtra.

Doctor Who S10E12 The Doctor Falls series finale...
"Where there's tears there's hope"...

So sad to know Capaldi will be gone after Christmas. What a season it's been!

Moffat, I hate you. But you did it again.
Seriously, don't let anyone spoil this episode for you.
And let's hope the second part will be on par. Let's avoid that whole "power of love" thingy that would solve everything in a fingers' snap.

This Saturday, don't miss the first part of the finale "World Enough and Time" (S10E11)

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To discover Big Finish audio dramas, why not tune in to "Paradise 5" with the wonderful 6th Doctor, Colin Baker ?

S10E09 The Empress of Mars was an excellent episode penned by Mark Gatiss. Thoughly enjoyable, go watch it.

Next Time : The Eaters of Light.

To conclude the BBC is planning for at least 5 new series of DW is a bit pulling at straws. However, the big news isn't there. What's important is until now China had a blanket ban on TV SF based on time travel. DW being now authorised is a very good news and an opening gesture from the regime.

Already in the last series they did remove the Sheriff being beheaded in Robin Hood for the same reason. The scene had leaked in a black and white, unfinished, work version of the episode.

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