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The future is federated: We've joined Mastodon! Follow us to hear out more from the festival!

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We are pleased to announce our performance programme for #NMF2020! The festival includes > 50 performances over 10 concerts and 4 interactive works with audience participation. We are also hosting 2 algoraves in VR venues featuring more than 20 performers. Full performance programme:

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Where from in Europe can I order an USB foot pedal (1-3 pedals) so that shipping doesn't cost more than the pedal itself?

PCsensor has a very nice 3-pedal device, at a reasonable price, but $39 shipping for a $25 item is a bit much for my wallet right now.

My budget is around 30-40USD total.

Boosts welcome!


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we need #opensource #openhardware #openhealth #slowtech for sure to protect the #health of everyone ....

but ... it _can not_ be developed under the regime of "crisis" and urgency

#fablab #COVID19 #hacker #maker
Some of the iX (immersive experience) symposium program has been revealed.

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