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Hey all, anybody who could put me in touch with a WebGL developer that has some experience with 360° video? There is a group forming that wants to add this as a feature to PeerTube. We have some initial funding for a planning phase and would need feedback from somebody who knows a bit about different 360° projection formats and how to make them appear in a browser.

Really excited / très heureux d'avoir participé au projet/ to have been part of a project at Société des arts technologiques [SAT] that piqued the interest / qui a piqué l'intérêt de/of Mozilla Hubs Creator Labs.
RedSpills FTW!

Shame on you Imperial College London 

@paul I got that email, too. I have a feeling they harvest on GitHub.

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Framasoft ne piste personne, du coup pour comprendre vos attentes, besoins, envies... on tente un truc original : vous demander.

Ouais, c'est osé.

Vous avez un mois pour répondre à notre grande enquête "Ce que vous pensez de Framasoft", ça nous aidera beaucoup.

Ça dure 5 à 10mn maxi, et ça peut se faire directement sur le Framablog :


@frankiezafe oh right, so no, I didn't need a mutual interaction, the rigid body served only as support for cloth deformation.

@frankiezafe yes, but I remember I had to tweak a lot of cloth parameters to get somewhere. The default values were strangely unfriendly. I'm afraid I did not keep my source file, I just needed to make a static shape based on cloth collision and just converted everything to meshes 🤦

@paul Yes, I was aware of worgle, haven't gotten around to using it yet. I don't do much literate programming (yet), beyond some prototypes and config files, but make very heavy use of it as a notebook with heavy use of codeblocks in multiple languages.

vim org plugins may foirge a way to a wider use of .org format.

Always a little envious of people moving to vim, but with my heavy use of orgmode, org-roam and exwm 🙄 , I'm totally locked in...

I'm curious, @paul, what bout orgmode/literate programming combo? Any decent replacement in sight?

Note to self: I should be more active in promoting my work.... 6 years ago I submitted a new creation to a festival, and it was rejected (or, perhaps not retained, to stick with the positive thinking patterns of our times). I think that subsequently I had submitted it to one other festival, that ignored it. A few weeks ago, I submitted it to another, and they took it. I guess 3 submissions in 6 years ain't a good ratio... What's your experience?
Anyway, stay tuned for more details...

@frankiezafe @bronco Yes, that is the best option as some companies still use Amazon to handle remote or local deliveries for items ordered directly from them.

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#Call for text line contributions: researchcatalogue.net/view/115

Send me your notes and thoughts on 'waiting'. What are you waiting for, is that waiting hopeful, or anxious, or incurious?

A hybrid piece with an online Mastodon bot form via @kontakt ; and a physical installation form at Reagenz Graz.

Boosts welcome!

@nonmateria it's funny, the part about "modern software and hardware", I was saying the same thing about 20 years ago. If it can be any consolation, it's not getting any better.

@frankiezafe oh, right! That's a good point! Also, I find rebuilding is less hassle than GDnative version.

@frankiezafe oh,so that thing is still alive? I thought you moved on to using the gdnative version. I think I made some tweaks in my own repo at some point, we should converge back ;)

@frankiezafe oh my! I'm in the wrong time zone. If you ever do it in the evening, please ping me!

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