@paul That said, in this year's Linux Audio Conference someone did a workshop on using in... Jupyter Notebook! lac2020.sciencesconf.org/31224


@paul CSound may still be useful for some things, but I'd say that I agree with you. Even Cecilia was rewritten in pyo (Python)

@Olm_e Sorry, forgot to follow up on this. You can now experience the music inside the Hubs space, but without the video projection (for now), hubs.mozilla.com/uGGjhCg/honor

somebody knows what happened to mastodon.host?

@Olm_e yes, the stream (first person view) was archived (youtube.com/watch?v=7qIX369JEX) but there seem to be some long audio dropouts... we will soon have a proper documentation of the piece. The hubs room is available for remixes, though! hubs.mozilla.com/uGGjhCg/honor

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Hello les gens. Je travail actuellement sur un concept de blocage de pub sur tv (image en provenance de ma box) avec un raspberry pi, du machine learning et de l'hdmi CEC. Juste pour savoir si ça interesse des personnes. Car je n'ai actuellement que deux marques de tv chez moi du LG et du Samsung et je recherche des personnes qui aurai a minima un raspberry pi et une tv chez eux :) Merci d'avance à celles et ceux qui retooterons.

describing audio graphs: postfix vs s-expressions 

@paul Why not drop drop the parentheses altogether? :eo_thinking:

Jitsi Meet versus Zoom, opinions? 

@sciss I don't have experience with setting it up personally, but apparently the mere fact of using the server exclusively for your own needs is already an improvement (and a server with a good bandwidth, of course). But don't quote me on this, it's a conclusion I've drawn based on some vague remarks. And I think Big Blue Button seems to be slightly better in such circumstances.

I did not know that setting your own mode-line could be this satisfying. Now my has a battery status, too!

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If you can’t wait for the Network Music Festival to start, we have good news: our online exhibition is now live with 7 video works, installations and interactive apps to keep you busy until we launch the festival on Wednesday! live.networkmusicfestival.org/

The exhibition contemplates how we make music, interact and connect via web technologies. We are hosting a walk-through event and Q+A with the artists on Wednesday, hosted by media-artist @BChicau@twitter.com. So take a look at the works and get your questions ready!

Our exhibition is free to view, but we are accepting donations to contribute to artist fees on a Pay What You Can basis. Through this form of mutual aid we can support each other through the exchange of culture, knowledge and funding. networkmusicfestival.org/donat

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When we say we are a mutual aid event, what we mean is that 100% of the money we get via the donate link will be shared out with artists.
All of our events are streamed online and free to tune in to, but we're asking people whoa re in work (or who have institutional support to attend conferences and festivals) to please donate to help support our artists.

Covid has hit live music hard and this is an event by and for artists to support our community and showcase the community-building potential and accessibility of music shared via the internet.

Please tune in and please give if you can! Get an early bird ticket now!



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Our workshops will take place via videoconferencing softwares BigBlueButton and Jitsi for active participation and also live streamed to our mainstage website (live.networkmusicfestival.org). Workshops are limited to 10-15 active participants, so sign up quick! networkmusicfestival.org/2020/

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