@djiamnot are you planning to release fadeferra as a standalone application?

@frankiezafe, would like to play it? 😆
I thought about it. The problem is that it's not really standalone, it needs SuperCollider (with SATIE) and jconvolver to run...

@djiamnot it should be possible to compile superc inside godot, it is a server anyway (isn't it?)

@frankiezafe not really. It uses a server-client architecture but the communication between the two is happening via OSC

@frankiezafe well, no, I don't think you can embed SC into something (although I did once found some lead on that but can't put my hand on it).

@frankiezafe jconvolver is C++. This one, technically could be embedded but it was just so much easier to fit it into my jack ecosystem (kokkinizita.linuxaudio.org/lin)

@frankiezafe so, yes, we could try to bootstrap you with Fadeferra, as is.

@djiamnot i'd be happy to test it! I'm running linux mint 64bits (have to check the kernel version...)

@frankiezafe ooooohhh cool! It might work! So, start with this: gitlab.com/sat-metalab/SATIE, let me know if you run into issues or when you're ready ;)

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