I'm waiting for all the stock images for "hacking," currently hands on keyboards, being replaced with hands on mice and touch pads.

My attempt to only post replies on twitter for one week is a failure. I published a tweet and retweeted as well. No self control.


I'm sensing that the age of internet cats is coming to an end.

Go to the URL in the picture and turn up the volume:


(Machine location is in Europe, Rhizome will provide other regions soon.)

I always find it a bit odd to hear news media talk about "algorithms" used by Facebook/YouTube/etc. Having worked in machine learning, my experience is that it's less about algorithms and more about massive amounts of data and very simple matrix math.

One of the most famous papers on this is Banko Brill 2001 (citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/), which basically shows that at a certain point the algorithms don't matter, and if you just throw more data at the problem you get better results.

Can you US folks please make sure this internal net neutrality thing is getting done so the rest of the world doesn't have to endure campaign banners on every goddamn website much longer?

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