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* To disrupt the state in the execution of mass arrests, mass internment, democide and Genocide.

* To sabotage the state's ability to carry out such acts.

* To overthrow the state to end these acts.

* To capture those responsible to put on trial at an international tribunal.

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The Covenant

In the event of a state going full fascist. In the even that both democide and Genocide are possible.

Those who are of The Covenant are to:

* Document the abuses of the state.

* Gather evidence of crimes against humanity, including disappearing of dissidents, the use of concentration camps for mass detentions, the evolution of concentration camps into death camps.

* To get the evidence abroad for safe storage and dissemination to appropriate bodies, including the Hague.

I could not vote for any of the candidates on offer at my local elections as they were from the main three English parties and I just cannot vote for any of them with good conscience. So I deliberately spoiled my ballot as that gets counted as a spoiled ballot rather than merely an incomplete one. I just wrote 'none of these' across the top of the ballot.

"I joined the French Foreign Legion to forget..."

"Forget what?"

"Dunno, I've forgotten..."

I find it funny how our Western governments go to the Myanmar junta "don't go shooting your citizens' when if we ever rebelled against our rulers we'd be shot dead in the streets by the army and the country would turn out just like Syria. Don't believe our government would do that? Go see what we did to Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya and Northern Ireland...

If only the good die young and Prince Philip made it to 99 . . . . 🤨

When the royal family said they were gonna work on their racism problem, they really did mean it. One racist down, more to go

David Graeber quote / rojava 

The idea they are somehow carving a government out of that seems unlikely. And they also make the rather … a point you hear a lot of, actually, people will say, “Well, you know, we’ve come to realize in this part of the world, demanding your own country is basically the same as ‘I demand the right to be tortured by secret policemen speaking my own language’.” It’s not much of a demand. So they’ve come around to this idea of bottom-up direct democracy and sort of eliminating borders as the best way that they can come up with something like a Kurdistan that would make sense.

Can we become an Irish style Republic after the Lizard Liz dies, please?

"Standing behind his wife, Philip defined a different kind of masculine ideal"

What are you even supposed to do with this, other than flush it?

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It's "say nice things about a horrible person" day in the UK and no ta.

It's days like this that remind me how fucking divorced from reality the UK press is at a fundamental level.

Just a slew of bullshit shovelled everywhere, the usual suspects doubling down on shitting nonsense out.

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i don't care if you fuck my mom; all i'm gonna say is that you could really do better

So terrestrial channels trying to force you to watch Prince Phillip tributes. Do they not realise that there are streaming services that are totally ignoring this?

oh shit dmx died and it got completely overshadowed by the death of an inbred racist

I once tried reading War and Peace but fell asleep half way through the first chapter. I gave up on it after that and never attempted to read it again.

And when you find a cunt, block them if online or just avoid them if in RL.

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