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* To disrupt the state in the execution of mass arrests, mass internment, democide and Genocide.

* To sabotage the state's ability to carry out such acts.

* To overthrow the state to end these acts.

* To capture those responsible to put on trial at an international tribunal.

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The Covenant

In the event of a state going full fascist. In the even that both democide and Genocide are possible.

Those who are of The Covenant are to:

* Document the abuses of the state.

* Gather evidence of crimes against humanity, including disappearing of dissidents, the use of concentration camps for mass detentions, the evolution of concentration camps into death camps.

* To get the evidence abroad for safe storage and dissemination to appropriate bodies, including the Hague.

android phone users: do you use gesture-based navigation or classic three button?

The only thing I am looking forward to in death is at least I will no longer need to go for a shit...

It’s #2021

What is the best #linux #desktop ?

Please reply for other...

**New report exposes Trumpworld connections to a plot to 'strong-arm' elections officials in Michigan**

"Michigan is one of the states where former President Donald Trump and his lawyers, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, unsuccessfully tried to overturn Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 presidential election. Reporter Mardi Link, in an article published by the Traverse City Record Eagle thi…"

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heres some pro tips for minecraft modders:

elaborate what version of minecraft your shitty mod last updated 3 years ago needs

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With the Lieutenant of the Tower, in his coach home; and there, with great pleasure, with my wife, talking and playing at cards a little — she, and I, and W. Hewer, and Deb., and so, after a little supper, I to bed.

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My Lord Gerard, who never knew me before nor spoke to me, desires his being better acquainted with me; and that, at table where he was, he never heard so much said of any man as of me, in his whole life.

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Mr. Vaughan did protest that he had sat 26 years in Parliament and never heard such a speech there before: for which the Lord God make me thankful! and that I may make use of it not to pride and vainglory, but that, now I have this esteem, I may do nothing that may lessen it!

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Every body that saw me come to me with such eulogys as cannot be expressed. I met Mr. G. Montagu who kissed me and told me that he had often heretofore kissed my hands but now he would kiss my lips: protesting that I was another Cicero and said all the world said the same of me.

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Actual first amendment issue 

Now see, this is clearly a first amendment abridgement so can't wait for all the free speech defenders to attack this bill

Non sono d'accordo al 100%
A volte il ciclo è invertito, prima qualche collega fa una grande 💩 💩💩 e dopo ti tocca mettere tutto a posto 🤭🤭🤭

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