Solarpunk and Art Nouveau – short thread 

It makes me sad when people dismiss Art Nouveau as being "for the rich" while acting as if things aren't really Solarpunk unless they're gritty or recycled looking. People act as if pretty things are only for the wealthy – which is just what the wealthy want you to believe.

Art Nouveau is perfect for the Solarpunk movement, and not just because of the plant-based themes. It's deeper than that.

Art Nouveau was an inherently anti-capitalist movement.


Solarpunk and Art Nouveau – short thread 

@InvaderXan Beauty is not just for the wealthy: this is an important point we really need to emphasize, especially as in practice "beauty" among the wealthy tends more toward grotesque gaudiness reflecting their egos.

I come from a Modernist, Art Deco, Bauhaus artistic background, and the more flamboyant side of cyberpunk. I can see Deco as a dialectical synthesis of Nouveau and Bauhaus, and go either direction. That's pretty much how I already write.

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