Removing twitter from my life for now because I just can't comprehend so many fucking awful things at once right now.

Twitter could learn a thing or two from my favorite social media platform, Strava

the new slack ui with the new android gestures are really not a good pairing. Swipe from the right goes back to the conversation i was just in, unless i swipe too close to the edge of the screen in which case it means exit the application

Also the plastic snagless boot went under the plastic clip. Guess this laptop is permanently tethered to the internet

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So terrified I'm gonna destroy my Ethernet port trying to remove this cable.

A dozen hot sauce packets from taco bell, cat hair, and a yubikey


You're a video game NPC. When your HP hits 0, what's your loot drop?

The option to import ssh keys from Github in the Ubuntu 20.04 setup is fresh as hell

Dressing up for a virtual Dance yourself clean 🎶💃🕺

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