again, I don't use twitter often so I mean it when I say putting flaming hot doritos into homemade crunchwraps absolutely slaps

We got tested at one of these sites and everything screamed "lets cash in on government reimbursement programs". However in desperation of not transferring a deadly disease to the ones I love, I ignored all of the warning signs.

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I don't tweet much anymore but felt this was important enough to share with folks. If you are in Oregon and need a covid test, make sure you get a test from a place registered with

Don't assume phone numbers uniquely identify your users...

Finished The Mole and boy do I wish there were more seasons

I should mention that the year starts on the date of purchase and doesn't reset when the tv actually gets fixed.

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Apparently this counts as a single repair, meaning I have to go through this whole process 3 times in a year before their process even considers the tv unrepairable.

15 whole panels in and I might get a replacement for this faulty tv.

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Ehh.. probably best to not click on this one. Trust me 

Especially when some of that content you take a chance on has hidden NSFL content in it. Not sure how I got there with science and coffee YouTube but fuck I it's scaring

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Getting fed up with content "Tailored for you"

Feels good to have a new and super smooth to drink at home



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Lmao it happened again
Dead on arrival

Does LG want to send a fifth TV? Let's find out!

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Can't wait to get a billion usb dongles for the new MacBook I have to switch to

This is me being annoyed at the fact that they keep contacting me about how my only course of action is to get a fourth replacement or to get hecked

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The repaired screen they brought to fix the broken replacement tv was also dead on arrival so now I'm on my third attempt at a repair in less than a year and it's still not enough to qualify me for any RMA refund at all

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This is after having the tv entirely replaced after it broke less than a month into owning it. The replacement took 2 months to actually arrive. That replacement broke a month and a half into owning that one too.

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Still fully irritated that the fancy tv I bought back in November 2020 is a useless brick that LG refuses to refund me for

Also what the hell was I doing all these years working from home thinking that I could just get away with a non-standing desk?

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