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Are we being loose with the terms “open source” and “private” if we utilize Google, Facebook, & Twitter scripts, listeners and CDNs in websites and apps (even if they claim to be “open”)?

#privacy #development #opensource

இந்தியாவில் கொரோனா பாதிக்கப்பட்டவர்கள் 42,500ஐ தாண்டியுள்ளது.

கேரளாவில் கடந்த 48 மணி நேரத்தில் பூஜ்ஜியம்
கேரளா மாடல் சரியானது அதை பின்பற்றுங்கள்!
ராஜ்தீப் சர்தேசாய்
#SavingLivesInLockdown #IndiaFightsCorona

Introducing Inkscape 1.0! After a little over three years in development, we're excited to launch this long-awaited version for Windows and Linux (and the macOS preview) Watch the release video ( and download it here:

Note: If the download link doesn't work, check back a little later. The files are being propagated across our CDN.

Continued work on column, added fully working code for CSRF, moved authentication into a separate module, update deps, added test cases

is a template to quick start your based

The "Friends" TV show, but set in the USSR and called "Comrades"

The times remain uncertain, still 17 new VMs were added and eight VMs were renewed.

This would normally be a donation of €290, we doubled it, again.

We donated €580 to the #OpenBSD Foundation, totalling €7085 so far.

Stay home & safe!


omg this is the most adorable optical drive design i've ever seen in a laptop

toast says: play animal cross with only your left hand fool


Our testing rate is one of the lowest in the world. How is the govt planning on assessing the situation when we aren't testing enough?



The #fossnorth HQ broadcasting Frank Karlitschek talking about why GPL is good for business.

A budding software engineer inquired about abstraction layers in software architecture: when do you add one?

In my answer I mentioned: when a component does not fit the mental paradigm of my software architecture.

Say what?

See this example, based on my own real-life experience:

Americans when they hear they have the highest number of Covid-19 cases:

I managed to set up a very crappy video #recording studio with #OBS on #FreeBSD and a cheap USB camera hanging down from a desk lamp. Whatever, it does its job, not perfectly, but okay for now. Let's get started! \o/

Man, the official #freebsd infrastructure seems to currently be so slow that setting up my own pkg repo is probably already a good decision without society collapsing… :F

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