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Here's my new portable computer. The case was finally printed successfully so I was able to make sure all the electronics actually fit. The cables need a lot of wrangling so I might look for some shorter ones. The list of components is on my blog:

This was a fun custom deck to make. I'm happy to have a sturdy little computer with a mechanical keyboard that I can take with me.

An important reminder from the Anarchist Federation (

If you are using #Tusky consider kicking off our year by donating $12 which would be the equivalent of $1/ month.

If you can't afford that, nor recurring donation, there is the option to do a one time donation (below the tiers). Or boost 💞

America: All regulation is evil, businesses must be allowed to do whatever they like

Telcos: *Sell your detailed location data to bounty hunters and anyone else who asks*


"When you make programming skills the core component of any web role then you've made the web into a programmers playground. This is when you start seeing feature factories, whines of "why can't those users upgrade?", and [derision of soft skills like design].

Picking up a tremendous vibe of "well how else are we supposed to build complex apps?" when *no one is talking about this*. The argument is about raising the baseline of making *anything* for the web so high that it excludes people."

(cont) The core of the argument from free software advocates lies in fact in the fact that most software today does job on behalf of at least two parties: the user - that's the side of the software that is advertised and featured in marketing materials and the reason the user indeed installed the program in the first place.

But then the software also works on behalf of the software creator. This is the telemetry, the tracking, the (often malicious), ads, personal information mining etc.

Very disappointed with NewPipe's decision to deprecate support for older Android devices. Ignorant and environmentally insensitive, maybe even racist.

"Yeah, sorry but the Newpipe project's deprecation of 4.1.x has nothing to do with global pollution. That's the hundreds of millions of people in Africa, India, China and Southeast Asia that don't recycle their phones and just throw them somewhere and destroy their own ecology."

It's very annoying when the white man in an affluent Western country claims that all those poor Asians and Africans are the cause of global pollution. That is so far displaced from the truth, and it irks me that they have the balls to say such things.

That's sort of the 'middle of the road' model, also known as "open core", which is also employed by #GitLab, Discourse and many others and which shows a viable business model that's certainly a lot better than the full proprietary route the author of that article defends.

Just one thing to add; there are vendors that are sort of in the middle, I'd not consider #JetBrains to be particularly unethical, since they do publish their 'crown jewel', (IDEA), as FLOSS and basically just use the documented plugin architecture to sell proprietary plugins. They also develop #kotlinlang completely in the open & sponsor many FLOSS IntelliJ plugins, like the one for #rustlang

In addition they sponsor * organize FLOSS conferences & even offer all SW for free to FLOSS devs.

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