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When asked about Tamilisai Soundarajan, look at his attitude towards a state president of his own party. In fact, he reiterates that it has to be the centre or Delhi that has to decide.

India is not one nation. It is union of multiple nationalities. Such attitudes shown by people like him is making clear that BJP's agenda is Hindi Imposition, Brhamanical Imposition and anti-federalism.

- @prashere


Proper agile software development makes a development team (not just the programmers, but every worker involved) more powerful relative to the enclosing structure of the organization.

This creates tension in a commercial context: an autonomous self-organized team 1) can use their proximity to the problem to solve it better, faster, and cheaper, which is obviously valuable; but 2) can better resist decisions imposed from above, which is a threat to the organization's control of its employees.

Feels sick that we can't do anything about this on our own.

Digital domain is the 'easiest' way to fight against big capital, coops must cross-subsidize material commons by winning in the cybersphere.

@arunisaac It is too soon to say that, especially as we haven't entered beta testing.

is the only one cooperating with us for taxi (200) & auto (~600), while the rest aren't.

It is easy to create a market using free rides & mass advertisement. This is in one part me wondering what to do to reach different types of people in the absence of $$$. Another part is exploring a participatory city for socioeconomic benefit / empowerment.

Monopolies work at scale, thus need to deepen a singular socioeconomic experience and scale it across the globe. Adoption is made easier by discounts & marketing.

Is there something to be gained by creating consolidated local first experiences? Like a suite of services.

This is the only place where coops can have a fighting chance, especially when this can be used to create cultural hegemony in a capitalist framework.

The problem with social capital is that it can't be predicted. It can only facilitated, which is why FB, YT, AirBnB, Amazon, Uber don't own / create inventory, they merely facilitate the infinitely complex social interactions, enforced via pervasive credit to gain monopoly positions.

There should be a way to 'hack' this phenomenon via a distributed but united / coordinated network of coops. We should be able to tap our social network to work against the monopoly.

Question remains how?

When you can't win via meaningful social experiences, you bribe people. Discounts, sales etc - Amazon, Flipkart, Uber, Ola, Zomato, Swiggy.

Or gain crony capitalist support - Paytm.

Either way, without enough money or a social network advantage, no business, especially Internet based can survive.

AFAIK, walled gardens are enclosures of social interactions, experiences, identity which you can access only in that place.

The 'kool' thing about Facebook is that it has a right mix of isolation and async social interaction. So people get similar / same biofeedback.

This is what probably everyone is competing against, when they try to create meaningful social experiences.

@steven I am from a city (~1.2m pop) in India, whose driver unions had learnt a quick lesson from the nearby city and have managed to have fight off Uber / Ola for the past 4-5 years.

There is only financial regulations - tax, anti-money laundering - for these big money platform services in India.

@amsomniac We have looked at libretaxi but seeking to create a full stack clone.

Had a look at lazooz now, bit skeptical but need a thorough examination of it.

Stage 1 - Local events - announcement, discovery, management, participation.

Incentivization would be for conducting & participating in local events itself.

Stage 2 - Streamlined local context aware OSM contribution.

Stage 3 - Context aware location services.

Stage 4 - Ride aggregation?

It should increase towards the through .

For now, I think I should just start with a & platform for movements, then bring in and other things one by one.

Basically, if all goes well, in a few years time, we should have a participative city platform for your own city.

Think "smart city done right".

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