Moving off to @demonshreder as my primary account. The is hosted by my local community - Free Software Hardware Movement Puducherry -

Please do follow my new account so we can still be in touch.

Moving to from for sometime. The idea of and old time way of things has been nagging me for some time now.
Not giving up on

I use Arch, so I have 20.08 even with KDE Plasma 5.19, now 5.20.


A free font, HyperLegible from the Braille institue. for those with poor vision and to be unambiguous

#KDETip: Find things easily in a crowded folder with Dolphin's filter bar.

1. Hold down [Ctrl] and press [i] (also "Tools" > "Show Filter Bar" from the menus)
2. Type some letters of the name of the file
3. ...
4. Profit! 💡

This post was triggered by @demonshreder lamenting the lack, and projected future lack, of a konsole 20.08 in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS:…

I don't think konsole is in flathub right now, unless it is part of some greater platform package. This person is working in getting more KDE apps onto flathub:…
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Which "Linux distros without a distro", package collections that can live next to your existing distro without collision, exist?

I'm aware of:
- Guix
- Nix
- pkgsrc

I just realized that Flatpak serves the same practical purpose if side-loading programs or versions your distro lacks. Many can be found at flathub:

It seems 5.19 or above won't land for 20.04 ever due to a version mismatch for the LTS.

I think 20.10 will have 20.08 or maybe you will have to temporarily move to a rolling release distro.

The or applications version has to be 20.08 which was released in August but still landing in distros slowly.

If you are using this then the update hasn't landed yet or might not land anytime soon.

Plasma 5.20, by all accounts a massive release, is here. Plasma 5.20 comes with tons of new features and improvements which will make your Plasma desktop experience easier, smoother and more fun.

Support for scripts land in - .

Look at how beautifully rendered is in a monospaced setting.


Thanks to @rajeesh for contributions.

Column Release 0.13.0

[0.13.0] - 2020-09-13


- Authentication module has been made separate
- Creation of users with username and/or email
- Logging in with session keys as per buddy-auth
- Checking if user is logged in
- Primitives for ACL / RBAC using set - Thanks to Ragulkanth
- Interceptor for authenticated routes

is a starter template for based web apps

Think #Pleroma would be interested in a #FreeBSD guide? I also cooked up an rc.d script.

@nesc Hahaha. True I can't use cuz it requires the versions. I know I can build it from source but exploring the way of things.

Actually KDE runs better on FreeBSD than Arch, dunno why though

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Moving to from for sometime. The idea of and old time way of things has been nagging me for some time now.
Not giving up on

P2P e-commerce with logistics handled by the national postal service.

#ShowerThoughts #P2PIdeas

Big Tech is the malady. Decentralization is the antidote.

Decentralize, and the advertizing model breaks down. Celebrities turn into mere jerks with over-inflated opinions of themselves. Facebook can only profit if it has billions of users locked in to its walled garden. Without centralization, existential threats become paper tigers.

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