Companies privatize the profits but socialize the risks, like the waste they produce to maximize those profits.

A way to combat that would be to make them pay upfront for any cost associated with their waste. They then have incentive to not produce as much waste.

But we know any dip in their profits will be fought tooth and nail.

Just replaced Google+ with Mastodon in the social links section on the website! Represent!

@demonshreder I really liked the Wolf Warrior movies in this regard. There is a hero, but the movie is quite explicit that he can only succeed with the help of others.

@jankoekepan Definitely!! I am looking into structural in intra & inter organizational dynamics, with necessary help from information systems to facilitate decision making.

While I have great interest in & , current intention for these toots is to explore & learn various other concerns & existing examples. At best, it could help other people working in this domain to look this way.

I want more movies where decisions are taking collectively based on incomplete information to work towards uncertainties.

I am watching a , here is some of the .
A hero is a male, he is respected because of his existence. He always fights only known evils but never questions the system. His consistent (literal) fighting of the bad social elements is supposed to make him respected and protect the feeble people against all evils thus ensuring a fair & welfare state.

As long as we have these kinds of movies, can't rise.

Ideally, yes, we should use CC licensed images. We do use them for our &

However, memes make use of the emotional attachment to existing content to convey a message.

We however, demand, lobby for CC licensing in all works with appropriate & fair compensation policies.


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