Support for scripts land in - .

Look at how beautifully rendered is in a monospaced setting.


Thanks to @rajeesh for contributions.

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@demonshreder Super!

Thanks should really go to Mariusz Glebocki who fixed it in the code.

@demonshreder @tshrinivasan @rajeesh Ah no, the bug report says it was great before 2018, when it broke, and now it has been fixed again. Sorry for not reading first.

@tshrinivasan @demonshreder short answer: because nobody implemented ‘advanced text layout’ in GNOME terminal, yet.

@tshrinivasan @rajeesh @demonshreder isn't advanced text layout available in all terminals?

$ alias cat=emacs
$ cat mixed-script.txt


@wyatwerp @rajeesh @demonshreder editors showing Unicode is different.

Terminals should show Unicode as it is to read the content with commands like cat, less etc.

When we have file names in Unicode, ls should show them properly.

@tshrinivasan @wyatwerp @demonshreder Terminals are Unicode aware. Just not complex text shaping.

It's free software, you should do something about it.

The or applications version has to be 20.08 which was released in August but still landing in distros slowly.

If you are using this then the update hasn't landed yet or might not land anytime soon.

It seems 5.19 or above won't land for 20.04 ever due to a version mismatch for the LTS.

I think 20.10 will have 20.08 or maybe you will have to temporarily move to a rolling release distro.

@demonshreder ok.

Thanks for the updates.

Not sure I can change the OS now for upgrading kde.

I may wait.

@tshrinivasan @demonshreder You could compile the latest version of Konsole without much trouble, if you really want this feature.

*inserts obligatory Guix/Nix shill*

(pkgsrc would also serve)
ok, strike pkgsrc for now:

> wip/konsole, version 20.04.1, maintainer markd
> Terminal emulator for the K Desktop Environment, konsole-20.04.1

Guix too:

> konsole-20.04.1

But Nix:

> kdeApplications.konsole konsole 20.08.1

I use Arch, so I have 20.08 even with KDE Plasma 5.19, now 5.20.


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