The others are a bit less clear but you can see some patterns on each cluster:

🔵 Python, Data Science, AI, ML, Analytics
🟠 Startups, Crypto, Knowledge
🔴 Local connections, Spanish profiles
🟣 Progressive Rock 🤘

The most interconnected cluster is the green one. That's basically's employees and related profiles.

Spent the last couple of weeks running a script that grabbed the connections between people I follow. Each node represents someone I follow and is connected to their followings. 🌐

Using I was able to cluster and get this visualization.


That feeling when someone opens a PR on your GitHub repo and it has a well-written explanation, docs, tests, and you can just click the merge button right away.


Unexpectedly enjoyable. Types of interchanges and their efficiency ratings.


One of my favourite examples of how people react to economic incentives:

Architectural tax avoidance👇
🇬🇧 UK : tax on windows
🇻🇳 Vietnam: tax on frontage
🇫🇷 France: tax on floors (roof exempted)
🇧🇷 Brazil: tax on church construction (when finished)


What are the safest sources of energy?

Death rates from modern renewables & nuclear are similar, & orders of magnitude lower than fossil fuels

Moving away from fossil fuels is a win-win for climate & health – regardless of what we choose

Latest article:


This interactive map lets you compare the actual size of countries


Amazing: a termite track (top) and an ant track (bottom) • each travelling insect is protected by its own column of soldiers, no fights necessary | 📹 via Mehdi Moussaid


The top 0.1% of all Wikipedia pages earn 25% of the pageviews. The bottom 99% only get 42% of all the views. And the bottom 80% - only get 4%.

I just published "Inequality: How to draw a Lorenz curve with SQL, BigQuery, and Data Studio"


En hacemos frontend en C++ mediante WebAssembly para conseguir llevar al navegador una aplicación de análisis de datos super rápida e interactiva.

Estamos fichando gente de C++ y contaremos cómo lo hacemos en la semana que viene


Trained a GPT-2 1.5B on 50MB of videogame walkthroughs. The results are *very* interesting.

Someone could parse this and generate game levels, or mechanics.

Thanks to for the dataset, and for giving permission to release everything publicly. I'll post instructions soon.


Colonization of the Solar System.


We're hiring a Senior Product Manager to join our fully remote team

Own the vision and roadmap for our flagship product that's currently doing over $20M ARR.

Learn more and apply here 👇

DMs are open and RTs greatly appreciated 🙏


Bueno, como lo prometido es deuda y aunque sea tarde, os presentamos el logo de la 2020 que como ya sabéis será en Granada .

Ha sido hecho por, en concreto por el autor de

¡Esperamos que os guste!

Más detalles en el hilo


The path of a maturing thinker. In order to get to Grown-Up Mountain and start real learning, you have to brave the cold winds of Insecure Canyon. If you're not willing to say "I don't know" for a while, you might spend your whole life on Child’s Hill.

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