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I need , not because my actions are questionable, but because your and intentions are.

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It's interesting, how the same organisations and parties that seem to care about our , in the same breath are among the hardest working to it in a way that benefits them.

If it just wasn't for the money.

If you stumble upon a person that makes you wonder "What is wrong with you?", take moment to rephrase your question, and ask instead "What happened to you?"

There are many people out there that are impacted by trauma, and wish they could talk about it.

For a healthy community, we need to heal from trauma.
Too many people and organisations still aren't trauma informed.
I have a desire for that to change!

Discipleship is a about to , and learning to be loved. It's about , about .
It'a about , to , to , to , to exchange truths and information.
and in communication. Either with words or without words.

Even if people use your data benevolently to only send you customized ads, no one can say your data is safe or won't be sold to someone malicious.

Even if your data is "masked" by anonymization, you can still be figured out if someone has been given enough information.

Sure, you trust your government now but can you trust them 10 or 20 years from now?

Even if you can, what about the refugee hiding from their oppressive government?

Have you no empathy for him?

I think that people who haven’t suffered don’t realise how much we all each other. Maybe it is now an for cultures that have lost this wisdom to reconnect with it. I hope so.

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Honestly, concerning I'm not concerned of the short term impact the has, but I'm focusing on the long term consequences it could have on me, my social circles and my society in total.

I wonder about coming autumn and winter, because that's when I think most people will catch colds again, and I'm preparing myself for that time now already.

I remember, months ago, someone was discussing with me about how would in the next few years slowly evolve their "own" consciousness. That with they would be able eventually to make their "own decisions".

I still don't think it will ever be possible, since computers and machines aren't sentient beings.
They will never have thoughts, nor feelings, nor intents on their own.

Change my mind.

is a very useful (free and open-source) Android App for direct transfer of files.
It's very useful if you want to, say, share a big video file from your phone to a PC via WiFi without having to install anything on that PC.


When we have been abused, we tend to invalidate us ourselves to be safe from other people doing it, but with taking control in that sense we take away their chance to do the opposite to us either, unfortunately.

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Often when people ask me how they can the on a , I don't know how to answer other than "just practice and you'll feel it".

But now I know where I can direct them to.


So, next to and , we now have a privacy mask for another popular socialmedia platform:

said he didn't come for the healthy, but for the sick, for the broken people.

If was all about that, it should look more like a .

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