I think the better someone has learnt to embrace their own , however intense, interrupting or unpleasant they are, the more this someone will be perceived by the people surrounding them.

That makes sense to me, of course;
with less surpressed emotions, less overwhelming surprises will manifest in abusive behaviour towards the environment.


, and are some of the most important elements in for me.

They narrate what reality is.

They build the scenery in which take place.

If the scenery is distorted, then the whole gets affected and develops distortions.

@d599f84e Women seem have a much more dishonest communication style than men.

Here, if someone says "it would be great to catch up sometime" but makes no definite plans, they generally have no desire to actually spend time with you (i.e. they're lying).

It feels unsafe because I can't tell when i have annoyed someone!

But if i have, they feel it is "rude" to let me know what i did wrong, and "polite" to just not talk to me in future... and i don't ever know why 🙈

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