Hey, I got a

When you are isolated and you feel lonely, do you think it is more important to
- embrace the loneliness, or to
- work on overcoming it?

And why?

I'm feeling very lonely lately.
I'm not able to talk with certain people anymore, that I was able to share my heart with in the past

Being in this state of disconnection is intense for me, difficult to manage.
What would help me were to know when I'd be able to reconnect with said people again.
But I don't know about that

@d599f84e I embrace the loneliness, because overcoming it means depending on other people and other people are unreliable and untrustworthy.

@d599f84e I personally let it run its course. The first time I’ve been depressed I felt hopeless, but after I’ve recovered once, the subsequent times have felt slightly better because I knew I could recover again. The when still is a big unknown but I know it’ll come eventually:


In such cases I prefer to embrace the tristesse... Desolation and sadness are just feelings, they are not worse than happiness. If I can arrange to live with their occurrence it's part of life.

I think it's a kind of important vent to be sad if something makes you feel this way. Otherwise I'd get the feeling to get really depressed in the meaning of a disease...

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