Everybody wants to change the world, but only the fewest are willing to change themselves

> Privacy is the to be imperfect

In my understanding, is, in some way, an equivalent to and :

It is of who we are and everything that we have been.

It encourages us with , to become who we are meant to be.
It does so without keeping a of our shortcomings, our wrongdoings, our failures, our faults and flaws.

It shuts the door close to, and sets us free from and .
It is part of a prejudice-free world.

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I need , not because my actions are questionable, but because your and intentions are.

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> I think that any state, institution, or other group of people using wants essentially to make sure that their power will not be endangered by the people.
They want to stay in power. So they need to know what people are doing, with whom they have relationships. So that they can, if necessary, block and disconnect specifically those people they think are part of the political antagonism.

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