Everybody wants to change the world, but only the fewest are willing to change themselves

> Privacy is the to be imperfect

In my understanding, is, in some way, an equivalent to and :

It is of who we are and everything that we have been.

It encourages us with , to become who we are meant to be.
It does so without keeping a of our shortcomings, our wrongdoings, our failures, our faults and flaws.

It shuts the door close to, and sets us free from and .
It is part of a prejudice-free world.

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Instead building a system of that is designed to keep people in check and , I wish we would switch to a more -based, a more compassionate and loving system in which and are being the foundation.


Human nature, or society as it is currently?

Society at its current state probably not.

But human nature? I guess that depends on who gives an answer to that, and what that persons world view looks like.

I believe in the of christ, and how his death can set us from when we enter into with him.

Perhaps my answer doesn't align with your worldview, but I would say, in relationship with Jesus, yes, human nature is ready for it.

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