said he didn't come for the healthy, but for the sick, for the broken people.

If was all about that, it should look more like a .

People when they get external and . How can we hold it against them when they don’t?

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is not a terrifying event - which is how has been described - it is rather a terrifying , full of .

It involves at its core.

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It is strange the way trauma deadens curiosity. To suffer cruelty in excess is to be delivered from care. The human heart sets aside its questions when the future is too capricious. This is the irony of tribulation.

To know the world will never be so bad.

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We get from . We are dependent on an other. We aren't capable to be the to ourself. And ultimately, we need to come to us from the .

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> Every wound to the body needs some peace, tender care and time to heal. It is similar with wounds to the soul

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Healing is an ugly mess full of pitfalls, missteps, sinking, and swimming.

Like a game of shoots and ladders, you never know when the board might pull you back and send you down the ladder screaming at the top of your lungs.

Just when you think you've arrived at the finish, you draw a card that sends you back to start and just when it appears you've lost the game you jump ahead and come one step closer to the front of the line.

That is what is.

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> Those of us that are growing and maturing through our suffering get to know ourselves better.

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is the first ingredient necessary for growing up in the image of God.
Grace is , uninterrupted, , and accepting .

It is the kind of relationship humanity had with God in the Garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve were loved and provided for.
They knew God’s , and they had perfect to do God’s will.

In short, they were ; [...]

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[...] they were ;
they had no and .
They could be who they truly were.

Perhaps you have experienced this kind of and with someone.
You can be exactly who you are.
You do not need to your or ;
you do not need to ;
you do not need to do anything to be loved.

Someone knows the you, and loves you anyway.

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is: "I DID something bad".
is: "I AM bad".

When you have DONE something wrong, you can easily change that. You can acknowledge your error, accept that it happened, and develop strategies that help you to not do the bad deed again.
However, with shame it's not possible to change at all - because the bad is YOURSELF.

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With alone, we are safe from , but we cannot experience true .
When the one who offers grace also offers (truth about who we are, truth about who he or she is, and truth about the world around us), and we respond with our true self, the real intimacy is possible.

Real intimacy always comes in the company of truth!

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> The greatest competitor of devotion _to_ Jesus is work _for_ Jesus

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The bible is the most available, unread book - Change My Mind

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If we don't rehearse the promises that gave us, we lose sight of them, we forget of them, and eventually we lose them.

If we instead rehearse our current situations, that'll continue to breed doubt in our minds. We wonder how we're supposed to ever get free from something.

But God's never been concerned with how. He's concerned with "who"!
He is looking for faith. Question is, do we trust him?

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In Luke 15:1 it says

> Tax collectors and other notorius sinners often came to listen to Jesus teach.

Whereever Jesus was being taught, it attracted people who were living opposite of what he was teaching about!

The church is a place not for christians only. It's for _all_ people to explore and experience what Christ has done for us.

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@d599f84e church at times is full of unhealthy, sick, and broken people. Mostly spiritual though and not physically sick, etc.

Shame is possible to change by changing self-perception.


I agree - though that's not what meant.

It is not possible to change, when the whole world refuses to selfreflect their own misconceptions about you and refuse to work on changing their distorted perception of and idea about you.

(other than the one with oneself) can't be done by only one alone, it always needs an opposite being.

If love isn't earned then what exactly is the object of love? What is the lover loving?


I'm not sure if I can follow your question exactly.
Did you mean, what the love is focused towards?

I don't think love is not depending on anything to exist.
In my understanding love exists just by itself, already.

Just as water is there without needing someone to be thursty.
The same way how, I would get wet when I entered water to swim, is how I imagine this:
Adam and Eve lived within God's love, and they experienced love, because they were in unbroken connection with god.

Love is an emotion that a conscious being feels towards something else.

For love to be aroused the conscious being first needs to recognize this other entity and then decide, consciously or unconsciously, to love it.

So I find it hard to understand the stance that love simply exists.

The question is *why* would you love another person. My idea of love is recognition of another person's worth. His ethics, values etc.

Unconditional love is loving someone regardless of their value. Which basically devalues everything.

If you love the riotous and the wicked alike, doesn't that mean that you think that morally they are the same?

For me, love is not a feeling, but rather a principle. A principle that includes choice, action, and a fruit, or result.

So, love, as a choice and action, is for me, to constantly choose to evaluate which actions in our life lead to more life and not death, and then decide to act on them.

If you choose to give me food and shelter when I'm homeless; that's an act of love, right? - it in turn creates the emotional experience of "being loved".

cc @kpeace


My current answer to the question "**Why** would you love another person?" is, so that life can continue.
Loving (in the idea I explained previously) leads to life, while neglect leads to chaos and death.

So you are not talking about love, at least not in the sense that the rest of the world is talk about love. You are talking about a different principle. The principle of life.

Yiu can say that your love of life is what drives you to action, but in the end that is the cause. The ends of the principle you are talking about is life.

So the question is which life is the most important. Which life do you put above others, and why.

In the end you have finite recourses and finite time. So you can't support all life.


Yet God is infinite. He created the universe from outside of time and any other limit.

For him, everything is possible and he can love me, just as you, just as everyone. His goal is relationship. He loves us already, and he has loved us, even before we even had a concept of what to exist, or be loved, even means.

He has loved us first, and out of his love, now we are able (and encouraged, or ought) to also love one another.

Your question in the beginning was; if love wasn't earned then what would the object of love be?
The Bible is very clear about that - we humans are the object of his love. God created us, so that he could love us.

I am convinced, from every little thing that I have learnt in my life - exactly that is the whole point of why we exist.


If a man and a woman, or two friends, or two siblings, feel seen by, safe with, and trusting to, the other - they will in with each other.
They will understand the importance of the other, and will recognize the value of the other - and that's why they will love them.

Recognizing someone's value is to love them. Because goes hand in hand with


Unconditional love is not loving someone regardless of their value.

Unconditional love in my understanding is
> I love you, *because* you are valuable to me absolutely regardless of your condition.

@d599f84e No need, it is a true but very sad statement. In my house, that is not the case, but we're both Bible teachers so...

@d599f84e true, but many Christians may be.

(Oh and Jesus is your enemy if you want to exploit people, but i don't care about those people)

Oh, haha, I didn't think of the possibility that some people will still want to make Jesus their enemy! Then he _is_ their enemy indeed, you are right

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