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Everybody wants to change the world, but only the fewest are willing to change themselves

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Freedom, as well as peace, comes through taking responsibility in fundamental decisions;

It is how we act in, or react to, certain situations and settings that makes all the difference and changes the world in the end.

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If you would ever happen to have to do a survey online, and don't have a server for selfhosting at hand, with which 3rd party tools would you create it?

Please don't recommend google forms.


Habt ihr den Punkt schon in eurer Liste?

> ist die Freiheit sich frei zu entfalten, und auch mal nicht perfekt zu sein.


"META: YouTube Links no longer allowed on r/linux"

As of today, most links are no longer allowed on r/linux as a standalone submission. Please use reddit video upload functionality, or free alternatives such as @

# Big plus

- Markdown support

# Big minus

- Can only delete one message at a time through context menu, instead of multiple ones.

/cc @matrix



The links to the different branches in the view `BRANCHES` are broken at the time.

I don't have a account, so I can't create an issue.
Is there someone that can help me out and open an issue for me if they experience it as well?


I think the better someone has learnt to embrace their own , however intense, interrupting or unpleasant they are, the more this someone will be perceived by the people surrounding them.

That makes sense to me, of course;
with less surpressed emotions, less overwhelming surprises will manifest in abusive behaviour towards the environment.

Hey @Qwant @Qwant

Since you are on Mastodon now, did you consider serving results from the in general in your search results under the social tab?

I can only find results from!

is a, in my experience, beautifully designed app to review code from your preferred instance.


/cc @mmarif

Weil ich's heute in einem Gespräch gesucht hatte, es aber auf die Eile nicht mehr gefunden habe, hier als Erinnerung, vielleicht geht's andern ja genauso:

/cc @digitalcourage

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