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Everybody wants to change the world, but only the fewest are willing to change themselves

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said he didn't come for the healthy, but for the sick, for the broken people.

If was all about that, it should look more like a .

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I think the better someone has learnt to embrace their own , however intense, interrupting or unpleasant they are, the more this someone will be perceived by the people surrounding them.

That makes sense to me, of course;
with less surpressed emotions, less overwhelming surprises will manifest in abusive behaviour towards the environment.

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> Privacy is the to be imperfect

In my understanding, is, in some way, an equivalent to and :

It is of who we are and everything that we have been.

It encourages us with , to become who we are meant to be.
It does so without keeping a of our shortcomings, our wrongdoings, our failures, our faults and flaws.

It shuts the door close to, and sets us free from and .
It is part of a prejudice-free world.

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If you want to know what is wrong with the world right now, then I can find you hundreds of people who [...]

— There is no algorithm for truth - with Tom Scott

[...] they were ;
they had no and .
They could be who they truly were.

Perhaps you have experienced this kind of and with someone.
You can be exactly who you are.
You do not need to your or ;
you do not need to ;
you do not need to do anything to be loved.

Someone knows the you, and loves you anyway.

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is the first ingredient necessary for growing up in the image of God.
Grace is , uninterrupted, , and accepting .

It is the kind of relationship humanity had with God in the Garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve were loved and provided for.
They knew God’s , and they had perfect to do God’s will.

In short, they were ; [...]

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on and

Every single one of us has and . And so everyone of us has to do in the life of others.

People with power do not always feel powerful. In fact, the more we feel, and the weaker and needier we feel, the more dangerous we are.

Feeling powerful is not the determinor of wether we have power or not. Instead, for example, among others are and some things that give us power.

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We get from . We are dependent on an other. We aren't capable to be the to ourself. And ultimately, we need to come to us from the .

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‎تيهاني راقبت. اجعل انت دموعي في زقّك. أما هي في سفرك

People when they get external and . How can we hold it against them when they don’t?

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Grace is one of the indispensable pillars of , , - it is not a luxury, it is a necessity, it is a foundation.

is like the fuel for life

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There are some things in life that only work when done . is one of them.

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Hey, I got a

When you are isolated and you feel lonely, do you think it is more important to
- embrace the loneliness, or to
- work on overcoming it?

And why?

I'm feeling very lonely lately.
I'm not able to talk with certain people anymore, that I was able to share my heart with in the past

Being in this state of disconnection is intense for me, difficult to manage.
What would help me were to know when I'd be able to reconnect with said people again.
But I don't know about that

Hey @masterofthetiger

This probably comes super random for you, but do you know someone on your instance that could help me out with something?

I am wondering if, and how I can convert raw bible verses (that I collected) into the bibleproject format called
My goal is to process an unpublished bible translation, with the program

Hope you are doing fine with the current international health situation!

We can only access trauma when we feel safe.

The best thing you can do to help someone recover from is increase their sense of safety, support & grounded connection.

This goes for you too. If you carry trauma, you need to feel safe first...only then can you do the work.

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Here's something we have to understand about

People advocating for a different side in an ideological argument don't always have different opinions than we do.
They just don't necessarily see the same

There is an infinite number of available facts to use in an argument.
The filter we subconsciously use to select from them preferentially presents us those facts that are most relevant to our personal

The same goes for the other side

> I think that any state, institution, or other group of people using wants essentially to make sure that their power will not be endangered by the people.
They want to stay in power. So they need to know what people are doing, with whom they have relationships. So that they can, if necessary, block and disconnect specifically those people they think are part of the political antagonism.

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